4WINDOWS di I Love Tourism Shop

18 dicembre, 2008 alle 5:01 pm | Pubblicato su Special Projects | 1 commento

This is a project which took place in Venice, in  November 2008, promoted by I Love Tourism, the Bevilacqua La Masa Book Shop.
Each of the 4 shop windows is allocated to one designer or studio, invited to use the space as they wish for the purpose of self promotion. Instead of usual shop windows, ILT has small galleries of design.
With this project the shop underlines its concept and purpose: to promote young designers and show that Venice is still capable of recognizing and celebrating innovations as well as actively contributing to the discourse of contemporary design.
4WINDOWS is an open dialogue on aesthetics between designer and passer-by, a changeable installation where the object is not only a product but an idea.


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