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Hello to everybody! I’ve thought a lot on “what will be the theme of my visual art blog?” because I would like to write about something that is not a temporary interest, but something I continue to be attracted by. Walking through the streets of Milan, the Italian fashion capital, I’ve ever been attracted by different windows displays which are always original and exclusive. So I’ve started taking a lot of pictures of various, sometimes strange and particular windows displays I see and researching information about their design.

I think it will be interesting to understand the original way in which different brands and stylists choose to show their products. I think this thing can be considered a form of art which has the function of attract public attention, so capturing a large number of customers.

What we are is determined also by the things we use: we chose them,  we appreciate them not only for the function they have, but also for the feelings we share looking and using them.

So design has an essential function and I’m curious to find the most new and strange techniques that designers project and create.

I start showing two of my photos (sorry for the quality but I took them with my mobile phoneJ):

  • This is the Diesel window display in Corso Venezia, in particular the kids’clothes store. In my opinion what this window wants to represent is the children thinking that all is a game, for example a cards game. And also cards are not treated normally, they are positioned in strange ways (as a game), as pieces of pyramidal constructions.










  • The Benetton temporary store has a special atmosphere which welcomes young and adult customers with a impressive and coloured t-shirts waterfall.

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