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Corso Buenos Aires might not be part of Milan’s Golden Triangle, but it has the highest concentration of clothing stores in the city, and in Europe. Located near the city center (Milan’s official city center is the Duomo), and not part of the tourist district, Corso Buenos Aires gives the pulse of the city because most shoppers here are Milanese. With boutiques and restaurants lining both sides of the street, Corso Buenos Aires teams with life.

There are also three subway stops in this wide avenue, plus a number of trams go through here. In short, it acts as a main transfer and/or transport point connecting the city center with the small business and large scale industrial district to the north of Milan. Prices here are affordable and reachable compared to the high end shopping offered by via Montanapoleone district. For visual merchandisers, Corso Buenos Aires can be a center of creativity with the different types of merchandise offered in the area. Milan, being a fashion capital and the Milanese very aware of fashion, the store windows at Corso Buenos Aires give a glimpse of the eclectic taste of the city. Formal suits are shown in traditional store windows – a male form dressed in a complete men’s suit with a table showing the different choices available inside. Stores that cater to a younger clientele are more forward in their presentation like a headless male mannequin dressed in shorts and striped golf tee is paired with a tee-pee like contraption showing what the store recommends as other choices. With soccer fever at its crest (FIFA is currently ongoing), Lotto, a sportswear store featured mannequins wearing team uniforms. And of course, there are the ‘fashion windows’ offering the latest trends – from harem styled pants to dresses with asymmetrical hemlines, to swimsuits and bikinis and of course the ubiquitous denim jeans.


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