Coin of Piazza Cinque Giornate

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Walking through Milan’s streets, in particular passing in Piazza Cinque Giornate I’ve always been attracted by the building which contains the Coin store. I think it’s very particular for its design and structure. I think it’s unique in Milan. The facade is completely see-through and windows displays are composed by a double glass window. On the building you can see the biggest video-wall in Europe which tansforms the surface in an interactive media which communicates directly whith the city, emphasising the role of Coin as a point of meeting and multiplaying.



Gaze-tracking shop windows

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Well it would be a practical way to predict everything at the point of purchase instead of doing lots of field studies and psycho-analytical researches to see what drags buyers to the shops. so

this gaze-tracking shop windows system by PHilips works well to convince buyers to have a look inside the shop. it is based on gaze durations on different products in the shop window. having calculated the most looked at product, relevant information – audio/visual – would get appeared on special shop window display, just let you know more of the attractive product to your eyes. If it helps to boost sales and profits – having tested gaze-tracking system in practice – then it could be a good startng point to consider market trends and buyer impulses to buy. PHilips says it could also be applied in mueums and art galleries.


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