Louis Vuitton 5th Avenue New York Maison Wrapped Up

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Louis Vuitton 5th Avenue New York Maison Wrapped UpLouis Vuitton 5th Avenue New York via slicedorange @ Flickr

I love the city of New York, I’ve bee  there three years ago and Iwould have never wanted to return home. I think NYC is the world of the advertising and of visual marchandising, especially for its buildings, for its shops, for its  various kinds of people… so I’ve decided to write some news which I found interesting about its shop windows.

This holiday season, Louis Vuitton’s Maison in 5th Avenue New York has been wrapped up in vinyl display of Takashi Murakami’s contemporary Monogram Multicolor pattern. The installation was completed on November 9, 2008 and had started a week before  .

Louis Vuitton 5th Avenue New York Maison Wrapped UpLouis Vuitton 5th Avenue New York via nekolin1130 @ FlickrLouis Vuitton 5th Avenue New York Maison Wrapped UpLouis Vuitton 5th Avenue New York via Joelle Maslaton @ Flickr

The Big Brother-esque window display has also been replaced with a more colorful and festive holiday theme with large monogram flowers glowing madly with bags and accessories in their center.


Louis Vuitton 5th Avenue New York Maison Wrapped UpLouis Vuitton 5th Avenue New York Maison Wrapped Up


CHANEL’s Christmas Wonderland!

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This week, in the window of Paris department store Printemps (Paris’ answer to Selfridges) Karl Lagerfeld unveiled Chanel’s Christmas wonderland.


The dream like scene sees hand-made puppets of legendary Chanel designer Coco Chanel frolicking in Chanel’s imaginary Christmas dream garden. The garden is filled with 2,500 yellow, gold and black Christmas baubles, while the Coco dolls, fly through the air (on frilled parasols) thanks to the technology of French animator Jean Claude De Hix.

Each puppet is stylishly attired in a modern, almost space age take on the classic quilted Chanel suit and every puppet has Mademoiselle Chanel’s iconic blunt fringed bob.

The window will be on display until the new year.

It would be fun if you could post your local CHANEL boutique’s Christmas windows as well!
Here’s the one unveiled by Karl, at Le Printemps department store in Paris:

4WINDOWS di I Love Tourism Shop

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This is a project which took place in Venice, in  November 2008, promoted by I Love Tourism, the Bevilacqua La Masa Book Shop.
Each of the 4 shop windows is allocated to one designer or studio, invited to use the space as they wish for the purpose of self promotion. Instead of usual shop windows, ILT has small galleries of design.
With this project the shop underlines its concept and purpose: to promote young designers and show that Venice is still capable of recognizing and celebrating innovations as well as actively contributing to the discourse of contemporary design.
4WINDOWS is an open dialogue on aesthetics between designer and passer-by, a changeable installation where the object is not only a product but an idea.

La Rinascente: CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements illumina il Natale di Milano

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Sparks and flashes… the white snow crystallized by Swarovski falls magically on Rinascente of Milano. People of Milan can see 12 Kilometres of crystall that show new Christmas proposes. The new Christmas collections are presented as real jouelles. The scenes which appear on the store windows rievoke moments of Christmas holidays, scenes of happy families that are skiing, romantic moments under a sky polluted by stars, in a winter cold and full of snow, so the real Christmas atmosphere which all of us are dreaming to live.

Another time windows displays have the role of create an atmosphere which lets people dream and be happy, walking through the streets of Milan and simulating ideal Christmas flavours.

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