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Moschino’s shop windows are best known for its metaphorical visions. A creative sphere no longer composed only of clothing and fashion trends. The surreal perspectives, from theater to art to the paradoxes of existence, offer all the sensations of amazement and wonder.

A unique form of advertising propaganda always with the aim of provoking, a mixture of glamour and humor, drama and comedy, Moschino’s fashion windows represented an unforgettable icon, the protagonists of one of the most amusing and provocative advertising campaigns ever.

Remember ‘Stop The Fashion System!’; ‘Fashion-fashoff’ and ‘Ready To Where?’ these slogans were coined from season to season, by Franco Moschino,, who personally created the windows until end of 1993. the windows were later made in a collaboration with Piero Capobianco, and then by Annelise Zaccheria. Over the last years the job has been handled by Jo Ann Tan.

Jo Ann Tan is the art director for the entire image of the Moschino trademark. native from Malaysia, who never had the opportunity to get to know Moschino in person, has nevertheless succeeded in creating a sense of continuity of a certain spirit in the window displays.
She has a wonderful sense of humor, the curiosity of a child, but also an analytical, conceptual approach to installation design. she knows how to deconstruct, juxtapose, intertwine.
‘Tt takes me about 2-3 months to plan a new window. One month for the concept and visualizing the details, the other for prototyping and manufacturing of the components. I never know if it will have the same communicative power as the idea had in my mind, because I see it only at the end of this process, when I actually place it in the window.’

The new themes she designs for Moschino’s window display are usually exhibited in 5 different locations: the showrooms in Milan, Rome, London, Paris, and New York.


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  1. Nice article… thanks for sharing.. keep it up ^^


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